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3D-Image Analysis

The GeoBio-CenterLMU includes a state-of-the-art, gigabit-ethernet-connected computer laboratory with sophisticated software and hardware, allowing 3D-reconstruction of enigmatic structures and organism encased in hard rock. The techniques are largely based on production of 2D-rock slices at fixed or variable intervals (from the centimeter scale down to several micrometer-scales), semiautomatic digitizing of 2D slices and software-based 3D-reconstructions with software such as SurfDriver or Amira. Output of 3D-reconstructions can be as video clips, virtual reality objects, CAD-formats for further use.


Dr. Renate Matzke-Karasz, Section of Palaeontology, Department of Earth and Environment

3D reconstruction of soft tissues is frequently also used for biological research of our members, using confocal microscopy and other methods. Biological serial sectioning or confocal image analysis may be performed in the respective labs of the State Collection of Zoology.


Prof. Dr. Gerhard Haszprunar, State Collection of Zoology