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  • 16.06.2017

    Hot start, followed by cold shock

    The initial phases of animal evolution proceeded faster than hitherto supposed: New analyses suggest that the first animal phyla emerged in rapid succession – prior to the global Ice Age that set in around 700 million years ago. more

  • 14.06.2017

    Exploring invertebrate genomes

    A new EU-funded project will explore the diversity and architectures of genomes found in invertebrate animals, and promises to enhance our knowledge of their ecological and evolutionary importance, as well as their biotechnological potential. more

  • 16.05.2017

    Catchy names for exotic algae

    LMU biologists have identified two new genera of algae, and named them after well-known industrial musicians. In so doing, they hope to stimulate debate over the guidelines that currently constrain taxonomic nomenclature. more

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