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  • 22.02.2021

    Glimpses of ancient environments

    Zoologists at LMU report the discovery of a trove of fossil fly larvae, and an intriguing caterpillar, encapsulated in samples of amber that are tens of millions of years old. more

  • 15.02.2021

    All eyes on the oceans

    The UN's Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development formally opens on February 15. In the following interview, Professor Gert Wörheide tells us why the oceans urgently need more attention. more

  • 18.11.2020

    Some like it hot: Global warming triggered the evolution of giant dinosaurs

    An international team of scientists found evidence that a rapid climate change some 180 million years ago probably triggered the evolution of the famous long-necked dinosaur giants. Their results were now published in the prestigious scientific journal „Proceedings of the Royal Society of Lon-don“. more

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